New CloneCD v4.0


CloneCD Write from ImageFile
After read the disc to an image file we can write it back to a CD-R. After pressing the second button we can choose
where our image file is located and select if we want to delete it after a successful write. After pressing the ‘Next’
button we again see the new CloneCD interface:

CloneCD Copy from ImageFile to CD-Writer

In this screen you can set the desired write speed and if you want to do a simulated write session. Below these option
you once again see the Profiles:

  • Audio CD
  • Data CD
  • Game CD
  • Multimedia Audio CD

And like in the read session you can right click on the Profiles and choose from the same options:

  • New : Creates a new Profile.
  • Edit … : This will take you to the advanced settings.
  • Copy : Copy the current Profile.
  • Rename : Rename the current Profile.
  • Delete : Remove the current Profile.

The ‘Edit …’ option will take you to the advanced settings of the current Profile:

CloneCD Profile Settings

The write speed option of course let’s you set the desired write speed. For the ‘Audio CD’, ‘Game CD’ and ‘Multimedia
Audio CD’ Profile the recommended write speed is set to a safe 8x. You can of course change/increase this speed if you want
to. As you might have noticed on the first screenshot above there’s another write speed option. The lowest of the selected
values will be used when writing.

The other options are also present in the previous CloneCD versions. Depending from which Profile you choose to write
different options will be enabled. This should be a lot simpler to use, especially for people who are not familiar with


After pressing the ‘OK’ button the write process will begin:

CloneCD writing data disc