New CloneCD v4.0


First of all let’s start with some things to keep in mind: the version we received from Elaborate Bytes is a beta
version and still needs retouching! The final version may be different from ours. In this (p)review we didn’t test how
CloneCD handles various copy-protections like SafeDisc 2, etc. because there’s no point in testing something that hasn’t
been finished yet.


Well as you might have noticed during the (p)review CloneCD has undergone some major changes. The first big difference
is the way CloneCD installs. It’s very fast and very simple. The installation procedure will now even be done in your own
language, of course depending on whether or not CloneCD has been translated into your language or not.



CloneCD has undergone some major changes in the way it is used. The focus is now on Profiles and people/users don’t have
to figure out the proper settings for each disc. A major advantage for less experienced users of course. The Profile-focus
may be a little odd for experienced users but luckily you can still access the advanced settings. With the new CloneCD
version it’s possible to create your own Profile for each type of disc or even for each title. The Profiles are very easy
to use and users with no experience at all should be able to operate CloneCD with ease. The user interface has remained the
same in this CloneCD version and the four main buttons are very easy to use.

Copy-Protection Scanners:

With the new focus on Profiles there won’t be much need for copy-protection scanners like ClonyXXL. Oliver Kastl let us
know that the old command line options can’t be supported anymore in this new CloneCD version but two new command line
options for protection scanners have been implemented. But like said, the need for these scanners is now questionable…



We liked the new ‘sheep’ look and the orange icons but that is of course entirely a personal opinion. If you don’t like
the look you can of course just install a new skin and use that one instead. It’s too bad we couldn’t show you the animated
pictures this new CloneCD version uses when a disc is examined for example or when a write is in progress. They simply look

CloneCD Tray:

The CloneCD Tray hasn’t been discussed further during this (p)review but it’s still present in this new CloneCD version.
It hasn’t changed.


We liked the new ‘look and feel’ of CloneCD X. We think that past questions like ‘Which settings do I use with disc XXX?’
and ‘Which error correction method do I have to use?’ have all been solved in this new version. CloneCD has never been easier
to use! But that’s our personal opinion.


Please post your feelings/questions/other remarks below! What do you think about the focus on Profiles for example?


Our thanks goes to Sven Rohde and Oliver Kastl from Elaborate Bytes for sending us this preview version and providing feedback! Please don’t e-mail me if
I can send you this new CloneCD version because I won’t.