Check Out Some of the Rarest Things in the World


The world is full of rare items and objects that most people will never get the chance to see. For example, painite was discovered in the fifties, and now, seventy years later, only one hundred crystals have ever been found.

What is the rarest thing in the world? We will be discussing ten extremely rare objects that you will probably only ever get to see pictures of. Just click next to view them all.

There's a lake in Kazakhstan where trees grow upside down ...Image source: Business Insider

Purple Carrots

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: E Times

Most people believe that all carrots are orange, even though the vegetable used to be purple. Carrots were first grown in Afghanistan and spread to Europe about one thousand years ago. As soon as it spread, the color began to change from purple and red to orange.

Nobody is really sure why carrots changed colors, but it has become rare to find purple carrots at the grocery store. It is said that these oddly colored carrots have an overwhelmingly sweet taste, as well as a peppery flavor.


Underwater Forest

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Discovery Channel – Kaindy Lake Is A Ghostly Underwater Forest

Kazakhstan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is known for its beautiful mountains, natural landscape, and stunning forests. However, one of the country’s biggest attractions is Lake Kaindy, which features an extremely rare submerged forest.

The forest was created in 1911 after an earthquake resulted in a huge limestone landslide. Over time, the rainfall and water that fell in the area caused a dam to form, but you can still see the forest trees sticking out of the water.


Volgograd Disks

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Project Yourself – Mysterious Carved Discs Discovered In Russia!?

Russian investigators have recently discovered twelve stone disks that slightly resemble a mushroom. Many people have been trying to figure out where these objects came from, but their origin remains a mystery. At first, they were said to be ‘crashed UFOs’.

However, many don’t believe this theory and think that the disks are simply extremely rare rock formations. Whatever they are, they have not been found in any other part of the world.


White Peacocks

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: My Modern Met

White peacocks are commonly mistaken for being albino, but this is simply not the case. Albino animals have a complete lack of color and have eyes that are a shade of red or pink.

If you have ever seen a white peacock (which is very unlikely), you will have noticed their beautiful bright blue eyes – this tells us that the bird does have pigmentation. This kind of peacock is extremely rare and quite difficult to find.


Bismuth Crystals

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Fatma Loves To Draw – Bismuth Crystals

These crystals are truly some of the most beautiful that you will ever hope to see. They are known for their complex geometric patterns and rainbow coloring.

The crystal is often confused with lead, even though it is actually its own element. Bismuth crystals are also very rare and hard to find in nature, especially because of how small they are. However, they do grow in Australia, China, and Bolivia.


Rainbow Eucalyptus

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Insider

Contrary to popular belief, these trees have not been painted. As the bark peels away from the colorful eucalyptus tree, various colors are revealed underneath. This peeling results in vertical streaks of green, blue, orange, red, and yellow.

The rainbow eucalyptus can grow up to 250 feet tall and thrives in tropical climates. Even though these plants are extremely rare and difficult to find, they are indigenous to the Philippines, New Guinea, and Indonesia.


Corpse Flower

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Dengarden – How To Grow A Corpse Flower

The corpse flower is also known as titan arum. It is one of the largest and rarest flowers on the planet. However, it is best known for the off-putting smell that is responsible for its name. When fully grown, the plant can reach up to ten feet tall.

Even though the smell is so bad, many people are amazed by the flower because of its size. The rotten smell of the plant is actually used to lure flies and other bugs to the flower when it blossoms.


Koroit Opal

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Opal Rewards – Koroit Opal

These stones are known for their strong and deep ironstone. They also have extremely beautiful colors scattered around the rock. There is a Koroit opal field in Australia that was discovered in 1897.

Ever since then, these rare crystals are mainly used to make jewelry. Some types of Koroit opals are rarer than others – for example, the eternal flame Koroit opal is the rarest opal in the world.


Albino Alligators

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Bright Side

Albino alligators are extremely rare. In fact, there are only about twelve of them left in the entire world. These creatures lack a pigment called melanin. This insufficiency causes them to have no color and pink eyes.

The most famous albino alligator, Pearl, grew to be 7.5 feet long and had absolutely no color whatsoever. These albino creatures cannot disguise themselves in nature, which may be the reason for their rarity.


An Elvis Presley Hair

10 Rarest Things in the World
Image Source: Auction Time

In 2002, one single strand of Elvis Presley’s hair was up for sale at a Tennessee auction.

The lock was so rare that it sold for a whopping $115,000! Elvis was one of the most successful musicians ever to live, and when he passed away in 1977, his hair became worth a fortune. In fact, it is believed that only two people in the world own a lock of the singer’s beautiful black hair.

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