How to Apply for a CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card that will grant you superb privileges like insurance coverage and zero annual fees?

Whether you’re out there shopping or planning to go on an overseas trip, having a CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card is something you shouldn’t miss out on. With this card, you can now take advantage of superior security and steadfast service, anytime, anywhere.

Interested in knowing more about this card? Read on and see how you can apply.

How to Apply for a CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card

Benefits and Features of a CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card

Worried about the possibility of becoming a victim of credit card fraud? CIBC proudly offers a diverse collection of Visa cards that utilize cutting-edge chip technology for secure transactions.

In this article, we’re going to look closely and explore the benefits and features that come with the Classic Visa Card.

Go shopping and travel abroad with top-notch security and convenience with a Visa Classic Card. It allows you to have instant access to up to $1,000 every day, depending on your available credit and cash, at any Visa, Interac, or Plus System bank machine.

It also provides you with Common Carrier Accident Insurance, which promises up to $100,000 insurance coverage for you and your family as you travel overseas.

More Features

Plus, this Visa-powered card comes with Purchase Security that grants you 90-day protection for your new purchase in case of loss or damage.

Those who want to go for balance transfers but hate towering interest rates that come with them are also sure to love this credit card since it allows users to transfer up to 50% of their assigned credit limit and experience zero percent interest rate on balance transfers for their first 10 months.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the great perks of this credit card, read on to learn about eligibility and how you can apply today.

Creditor Insurance

One of the great features of this card is that you can avail of creditor insurance. This coverage includes protection in the following areas.

  • Insurance premiums charged to your card at the end of each statement period.
  • Coverage for your spouse in the areas of critical illness, accidental death, life, and disability insurance.
  • Assistance in making your CIBC payments on time when you’re out of work because of loss of self-employment, disability, or other critical reasons.

How to Apply for a CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card

The application requires that you’re a Canadian resident who has reached the age of majority in your province, haven’t declared bankruptcy for the past 7 years, and you must have a minimum household gross annual income of $15,000.

If you have met all of these requirements, you can immediately proceed to fill out the application. Applying for this credit card has never been easier with CIBC’s online application.

Just visit the CIBC website, look for the CIBC Classic Visa Card, and click the ‘Apply Now’ button. The process is quite easy, as you can complete the entire thing within 5-10 minutes.


Should your application be approved, the bank will set a credit limit that will depend on your credit score and other necessary factors.

Excited to get a hold of your very own Visa Classic Credit Card? Be sure to apply as early as today and take advantage of the exclusive offers that come along with it.

CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card Fees & Charges

It’s always recommended to pay your card on time so you don’t hurt your credit score. Here are some rates you can expect with the Classic Card at CIBC.

Note that this isn’t a comprehensive list of fees. For more detailed information regarding fees and charges, refer to the website or contact a bank representative.

  • APR: 19.99% for purchases and 22.99% for cash advances
  • Late payment charge: increases your interest rate to 24.99% on Purchases and 27.99% on Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, and Convenience Cheques
  • Introductory balance transfer rate: 0% for the first 10 months
  • Annual fee: none

CIBC Address & Contact Details

How to Apply for a CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card

CIBC’s head office address is 199 Bay St, 44th Floor, Toronto, Canada.

If you want to get in touch with a CIBC representative directly, call 1 (866) 525-8622 to inquire specifically about their credit cards.


Overall, the CIBC Classic Visa Credit Card is a great choice to experience the most out of your overseas getaways and shopping adventures with first-rate security and convenience.

Check out their website and start your application today to enjoy the perks.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.