How To Apply Online For Capital One Credit Card?

Thanks to technology, applying for a credit card is now easy and hassle-free. Banks, like Capital One, offer digital applications without the need for customers to visit a branch. If you are looking for a reliable card with guaranteed approval, check out a Capital One Credit Card.

Capital One offers six major credit cards suited for every type of consumer. There’s a card designed for building credit, rewards, and cashback. These cards offer Zero Liability protection from unauthorized and fraudulent transactions.

Intrigued about the features of Capital One credit cards? Read on and explore the features of the card. We will also tell you about the online application, the requirements, and other information.

Capital One Credit Card

Capital One Credit Cards and Features

Considering building credit with a credit card? The Capital One Low Rate Guaranteed Mastercard provides a credit-building feature to help cardholders establish and improve their credit rating. The bank reports card activities to the credit reporting agencies on a monthly basis. With a good score, cardholders can enjoy lower interest rates on loans and increase their chances of getting approved for a mortgage.

Another reason to choose Capital One credit cards is the travel benefits offered for every card. Aside from the travel accident insurance up to $250,000, cardholders can also enjoy 24/7 travel assistance and save money on the Loss Damage waiver. The Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard offers a collision damage waiver if cardholders will charge the cost of car rental on the card.

The list of benefits and perks don’t end there, as Capital One credit cards are also equipped with theft, loss, and damage protection. Additionally, credit cards have an extended warranty for up to two years. When it comes to rewards, cardholders can enjoy a myriad of merchant promotions and discounts exclusive for Mastercard cardholders.

Credit Card Application Online

The Capital One credit cards guarantee approval if applicants satisfy four major conditions like being in the legal age of province or territory of residence. They also must provide a security fund of $75 or $300. If addition, you must not have applied for any Capital One account for the last 30 days and also must not have an existing Capital One account.

To apply, simply choose from the Capital One credit cards and click Apply Now. Applicants must fill out the application form online and provide financial information. Click on Review My Application before submitting it to verify that your information is correct.

Fees and Charges

Capital One credit cards charge a standard interest of 19.8 percent annually for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. The amount is charged if the cardholder fails to settle the bill within the 25-day grace period. For purchases made outside Canada, the charge for every transaction is 2.5 percent. The bank also charges $59 for certain credit cards’ annual fees.

Contact Details

For credit card concerns, you can reach Capital One at 1800-481-3239 or 1804-934-2010 for people outside Canada or the United States. The bank’s main office is located at 161 Bay Street, 18th Floor, Toronto, Canada.

How To Apply Online For Capital One Credit Card?


Utilize the online application to enjoy a simple and straightforward credit card application. Get this credit card to start building credit and enjoy a myriad of privileges exclusive for the bank’s cardholders. For more information, visit Capital One’s website today.

*Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.