GET MORE Mastercard Gold – Learn How to Apply Online


When you use Advanzia Bank’s GETMORE Mastercard Gold to pay for your transactions, you earn 0.2 percent cashback on the net purchase value. Whether you shop online, or on-site, it doesn’t matter. 

The Advanzia Bank’s GETMORE Mastercard GOLD gives you numerous and fantastic benefits! The card also offers you a permanent payment period of up to 7 weeks at no annual fee. 


At more than 1 million ATMs and more than 32 million acceptance points with no international transaction fee, you can use your Mastercard worldwide for free. It includes free travel insurance, travel credit, and direct 24-hour customer support. Read on to learn more about this card.

GET MORE Mastercard Gold - Learn How to Apply Online


Your purchases are not subject to debit interest if you pay the full amount of the account statement by the time indicated on the invoice. Invoices are given every month; on the 20th of each month, a partial sum of at least 3% of the total invoice amount (or at least €30). 

Overall, the payments are subject to an interest-free payment period of up to 7 weeks. If you choose the partial payment option, the monthly interest of 1.49% may apply from the date of the contract. 


Cash withdrawals are free worldwide; interest is currently charged at 1.53% per month from the date of payment, so no interest-free payment term exists. 

Travel Insurance

If you pay with a recognized transportation company with the Mastercard GOLD at least 50% of the total transportation costs, then you will receive free travel insurance. 

You and up to 3 other traveling companions are insured for 2 to 90 days. It includes travel cancelation and travel health insurance with travel disruption, among other things. The Protection extends to European Union citizens. 

Benefits of Cashback

Cashback means cash to you, rather than points, miles, or other virtual currencies. The savings opportunity is readily evident, thanks to the cashback option. You save yourself with cashback, having to convert virtual currencies into real money. 

You just have the option with bonus point programs to trade your points for the pre-selected items. And, it can happen that you’re not always getting the incentive you want to get. Now the cashback can be deducted from €0.01.

In addition to charging to your bank or PayPal wallet, you can also redeem your cashback to Zalando for coupons from the well-known Amazon shops or donate a tax-deductible receipt for social causes. Then you know what cashback you want to do.

How to Apply 

You can apply online by going to Advanzia Bank’s official website online, and finding the GETMORE Mastercard Gold option on the site. From that page, you can submit an application for the credit card.

Simply apply for your credit card free of charge using the form. You will receive your not activated credit card and a reply card by post. Sign the reply card and send it back.

Interest Rates and Fees

The GETMORE Mastercard Gold is a great option if you are looking to get a credit card, but there are fees and charges to take into account if you are considering this card.

  • 0, – € annual fee
  • € 0 foreign fee
  • € 0 cash withdrawal fee
  • Debit interest on purchases: 0%
  • Debit interest for cash withdrawals: 1.49%
  • Debit interest on purchases with partial payment: 1.49%
  • Exceeding the credit limit at the time of the monthly statement: 3, – €

Contact Info

GET MORE Mastercard Gold - Learn How to Apply Online

If you would like to speak with an Advanzia Bank representative about this credit card, you can reach them by calling 0800 880 1120. We have also listed their mailing address below for you.

Advanzia Bank SA

9, Parc d’Activité Syrdall

L-5365 Munsbach


This credit card gives you a lot of benefits when you travel, shop, and other activities. You may also enjoy using this card globally, and whenever you need assistance, the bank’s 24-hour customer service is ready to help!

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.