How To Apply Online For HDFC Bank Credit Card

If you’re looking for a card that’s going to reward you for everyday shopping, an HDFC Bank Credit Card might just fit the bill.

You can get reward points for just doing your regular weekly grocery shopping and paying for gas. Additionally, HDFC Bank provides a wide variety of cards suited to various lifestyles, if you’re a doctor, teacher or have a thing for designer goods, they’ve got a card for it.

Credit cards certainly aren’t anything new, and HDFC Bank does provide the standard offerings of regular credit cards. But today, all banks need to step up their game if they want to break into the younger market and keep their old customers.

HDFC Bank Credit Card

The young market expects more and they are willing to shop around until they get the card that’s going to give them what they want. For example, Indian students abroad can use HDFC Forex Card abroad and even withdraw cash from an ATM.

HDFC also offers cashback, which is becoming a standard offering for banks that want to stay ahead of the pack. Of course, each person applying for a card has their own reasons and so you need to find a card suited to you.

Our editors have dived into HDFC Bank’s selection and come up with details you need to know. Read everything below before determining which HDFC Bank card is going to make your life and financial health better in the years to come.

What Type Of Cards Does HDFC Bank Have?

The HDFC Bank has a wide selection of credit cards for every type of consumer. There are nine credit card categories namely: co-brand cards, super-premium, professional cards, premium travel credit cards, cashback, a premium credit card for women, premium, regular, and commercial credit cards.

Co-brand Credit Card Category

Under the co-brand credit card category, there are 10 credit cards available. There’s 6E Rewards Indigo, 6E Rewards XL Indigo, JetPrivilege Diners Club Card, JetPrivilege Signature/World, IndianOil, JetPrivilege Platinum, JetPrivilege Select/Titanium, Platinum Times, Titanium Times, and Snapdeal Credit Card.

Super Premium Credit Card Category

For the Super Premium Credit Card category, there are eight credit cards. Choose from Millennia, EasyEMI, Infinia, Regalia, Diners Club Black, Diners Club Privilege, Regalia First, and Diners ClubMiles Credit Card.

Professionals Category

There’s also a category for the professionals, which include Doctors Superia, Doctor’s Regalia, and Teachers Platinum Credit Card. These cards are equipped with a points booster so professionals can earn more points for every card use.

Travel Category

If you love to travel or have to for business, you’ll want to check this category. HDFC has the Superia and All Miles Credit Card which let cardholders access airport lounges around the world. Additionally, points can be redeemed for Miles with international airlines.

Cashback And Rewards Cards

For consumers who want to get cashback rewards, a cashback credit card is a great option. HDFC Bank offers five cashback credit cards including Freedom Credit Card, MoneyBack, Bharat, Titanium Edge, and Platinum Edge.

If you are looking for a credit card with exceptional rewards features, there are Premium Credit Cards are available. HDFC Bank has Visa Signature, World Mastercard, Diners Club Premium, and Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card. These cards provide premium services like concierge and airport lounge access.

Card For Women

HDFC Bank also developed a credit card exclusive for women. The Solitaire Credit Card provides 50 percent more reward points for dining and grocery spends. The card is suited for women who love to shop and buy necessities like food and household items.

Standard Card Category

HDFC Bank understands that some people simply want a credit card for convenient payment. Regular credit cards like the Platinum Plus boasts of 50 percent more rewards points for every Rs 150 spent.

What Type Of Commercial Cards Does HDFC Bank Have?

Finally, the commercial credit cards are designed for better financial control and higher savings value for cardholders. HDFC has 21 commercial credit cards available.

  • HDFC Bank & SAP Concur Solutions Black Corporate Card
  • SAP Concur Solutions Prime Corporate
  • Corporate Premium, Corporate Platinum
  • Best Price Save Smart
  • Best Price Save Max
  • Business MoneyBack
  • Business Regalia
  • Corporate World MasterCard
  • Corporate Visa Signature
  • Business Corporate Regalia
  • Business Corporate MoneyBack
  • Purchase
  • Business Regalia First
  • CSC Small Business MoneyBack
  • Business Bharat
  • Central Travel Account
  • Business Freedom
  • Business Gold
  • Distributor
  • Business Platinum

What Are The Features Of HDFC Credit Cards?

One of the common denominators of HDFC Bank credit cards is the complimentary gifts and bonuses for cardholders.

For the 6E Rewards XL Indigo credit card, you can get up to eight complimentary access to domestic airport lounge per year for free. Additionally, cardholders can also earn rewards for minimums spend of Rs 100 to Rs 400 per transaction.

For travel cards, a ticket discount of 5 percent to 10 percent is part of the privileges for partner airlines. Additionally, cardholders can also earn 2.5 times more bonus Miles for booking plane tickets. Aside from Miles, you can also convert your rewards points for vouchers. The Superia Credit Card is equipped with premium travel perks across partner airlines.

All the credit cards are also protected from unauthorized transactions once the card is reported lost. The Zero Liability feature aims to provide cardholders peace of mind that they won’t be charged for fraudulent transactions made using their credit card.

Aside from the regular and premium credit cards, there is also the HDFC Forex Card—a prepaid travel card that you can load with foreign currency of choice. It can be used as a debit or credit card to settle payments in the local currency abroad.

Moreover, Forex cardholders allow cash withdrawal from an ATM in India and overseas. Note that Forex Cards come in two variants: single currency and multicurrency cards. The later can load up to 23 currencies and use globally.

Finally, you can convert your daily needs into daily fuel savings. Earn 5 percent of grocery spends to fuel points. This gives you more flexibility to earn and convert points to the preferred category.

What Are The Fees and Charges?

The fees and charges involved with HDFC Bank credit cards vary, depending on the card. Annual membership starts from Rs 700 excluding the applicable taxes. Other monthly charges, which include the interest for purchases, cash advances, late payment, and foreign transaction fees, also differ from one credit card to another.

After the 50-day interest-free period, a 1.99% interest rate is charged monthly on revolving credit cards like JetPrivilege. However, a 3.49% interest rate is charged for Jet World/Signature and others.

For the cash advance fee, 2.5% of the cash advance is charged on top of the bill. Meanwhile, for balance transfers, 1% of the amount is charged.

The late payment fee depends on the unsettled amount. A minimum charge of Rs 100 is charged for statement balance below Rs 500. For an unsettled bill of Rs 5,000, the charge is Rs 400. For Rs 10,000 and above statement balance, a late payment fee of Rs 750 is applied.

Bank charges for cross-currency have a mark up of 3.5% standard, but only 2% for Regalia/Business Regalia/Doctor’s Regalia, JetWorld, JetPrivilege, Diners Club/Premium, Business Regalia First, Infinia, and Diners Black. For Diners Club Rewardz and Diners ClubMiles, the charge is 3% for a cross-currency markup.

How To Apply Online For HDFC Bank Credit Card

How Can I Apply To HDFC Bank?

To apply, select the type of HDFC Bank credit card you want then click on Apply Now. Fill out the online form with your personal information then submit. Note that all fields must be filled out to continue.

Only qualified cardholders can enjoy the perks of HDFC Bank credit cards. To apply, you need to be between the age brackets of 21 years to 60 years old. Additionally, applicants need to be employed and earning a minimum of Rs 20,000 monthly. For self-employed, the annual income must be Rs 6 Lakhs. Supporting documents to verify the information must be submitted.

Is HDFC Credit Card Worth the Cost?

Depending on your lifestyle and spending requirements, HDFC Bank credit cards are decent choices for reliable, convenient, and low-fee cards. Because of the wide selection of credit cards, you have more options to choose from.

In case you are a frequent traveler, there is a card suited for your lifestyle and needs. You can take advantage of the benefits and features of the card to maximize your rewards. Weigh the pros and cons for each card so you can calculate if paying for the annual fee is worth it.

Bottom Line

Applying for the HDFC Bank credit card is easy thanks to the online application. Simply select a credit card then click Apply Now to submit your application. HDFC Bank offers a wide selection of cards designed for every type of consumer. For more information, visit the website of HDFC Bank today.

How To Contact HDFC Bank

Do you have queries about credit cards? Feel free to contact HDFC Bank through their hotlines. For residents of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, dial 61-606-161. For Chandigarh, Cochin, Indore, Jaipur, and Lucknow, call HDFC Bank at 61-60-616.

If you wish to email HDFC Bank regarding credit card application and other concerns, send your message at Visit the bank’s corporate office at Shivsagar Estate, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, India.

*Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.