HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card – How To Sign Up 100% Online? 

Credit cards have become very popular because of how convenient they are. They provide access to the cash you do not have today, for things that are on sale at a time when you do not have money. You can also earn many wonderful rewards just by using a credit card.

Banks give customers bonuses when they use their service. Cashback, AirMiles, and Credit Points programs offer a great incentive to get a credit card. Depending on what kind of credit card you may need, HSBC provides a wide variety of interesting options.

In the following article, we will review the HSBC Visa Gold Card. Today, many banks offer amazing accounts to win you over as a customer. This credit card comes with a lot of features and bonuses that make it a great choice.

HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card - How To Sign Up 100% Online? 

Benefits of HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card

The HSBC Visa Gold Card comes with many benefits and rewards for using it. Below you will find a list of the main ones. For a complete list, please visit the HSBC website or one of their banks. You can also get in contact telephonically using one of the numbers provided by us at the end of this article. 

Cashback benefit

By far, the most significant advantage when using the HSBC Visa Gold Card is the cashback feature. Depending on what you buy, a certain percentage will be rewarded back to you in the form of money. If you want to have access to 4.4% RewardCash for your purchases, you must register for any Red Hot Reward or Red Hot online & Overseas Spending Reward. Both of these programs offer you money back for what you spend using the HSBC Visa Gold Card.

Air Miles

If you travel a lot, using the HSBC Visa Gold Card will reward you for every mile traveled. This feature comes in two different formats. If you pay for your travels using this credit card locally, you will be rewarded with HK$4.17 for every mile traveled. If you travel abroad paying with this card, you will receive HK$2.27 for every mile traveled.

Reward Points

As you use your credit card, you will accumulate reward points. The number of points varies on the merchants you bought from and on the cost of the transactions. If you want more details on how to make these points, make sure to visit their website, where you will find a complete list.

These points can be used to purchase certain things from HSBC authorized merchants or converted into money. You can also give a friend or family member reward points using your phone, and they can use them as they see fit.

Fees and Rates

The HSBC Visa Gold Card comes with an annual principal fee of HK$600 and a supplementary annual fee of HK$300. In the first year of the contract, those fees are reduced to HK$0. The annual interest rate is 37.7%, but during the first 56 days, the interest fee is 0%.

If you wish to swap your money from one currency to another, the foreign currency transaction fee will be 1.95%. The HSBC Visa Gold Card also comes with a Cash Advance Transaction Fee of 2% and a handling fee of 3% on the amount you requested.

How to Apply

Applying for the HSBC Visa Gold Card can be done in two ways. Either traditionally by visiting one of the HSBC banks or online. We recommend applying online since it saves you time and the hassle of actually going to the bank and waiting in line to be assisted by a bank teller. You can submit an application in a few minutes by clicking here.  

HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card - How To Sign Up 100% Online? 

Contact Information

If you want more information about HSBC credit cards in Hong Kong, you can visit any of their branch offices or contact them via phone. The physical address of HSBC can be found below.

Address: Happy Valley Premier Centre,1/F & 2/F, Sun & Moon Building, 45 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Alternatively, you can use the following phone number to contact HSBC Hong Kong.

Credit card offers: (852) 2748 8033

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit cards. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.