How to Apply Online for SBI Bank Credit Card

If you’re looking for a credit card that’s going to welcome you with cash, an SBI Bank credit card might be for you. Beyond perks like that, credit cards make it easier to cashless which is something more and more people want these days. Credit cards also make tracking spending easier, so you know where the cash is flowing to.

Besides the ease of transactions, there are numerous reasons why you might need a credit card. It could be that you’ve come into a financial crunch and need to transfer balances. SBI Bank offers the opportunity to transfer those balances with minimal or no costs at the onset. Different SBI Bank cards provide different services tailored to fit individual needs.

Before getting into the credit card hunt, it’s important you figure out what your make and breakpoints are and jump off from there. You need to evaluate interest rates, transfer fees, cash advance fees and more. Our editors have investigated SBI Bank’s selection of cards and have the details below for you to check out.

SBI Bank Credit Card

What Are The Features Of An SBI Credit Card?

SBI carries a catalog of credit cards that cater to various customers. It has lifestyle, reward, shopping, travel, fuel, banking partnership, and business credit cards. When it comes to lifestyle, you can expect e-Gift vouchers upon joining. Some lifestyle cards also offer complimentary memberships and rewards. The same features apply for some reward, shopping, travel & fuel, banking partnership, and business credit cards.

Those who want to make the most of their purchases might want to look into getting an SBI Card PRIME. This rewards card offers a welcome e-Gift Voucher of Rs. 3,000 upon joining. Holders can also get an additional Rs 11,000 in gift vouchers that are spend-linked. You can earn 10 reward points per Rs. 100 you spend on shoping, dining, groceries, and movies. Lastly, the card gives complimentary access to select international and local airport lounges.

What Are The Fees Related To SBI Bank Credit Cards?

When you use a credit card, make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities that come with it. The most important of which are the charges associated with the card. Standard charges include annual and renewal fees, cash advance charges, late penalty, and interest rates.

For example, SBI Card PRIME charges Rs. 2,999 plus taxes for annual and renewal fees. It has an interest rate of up to 3.35% per month. It also has a cash advance fee of 2.5% of the transaction amount, with a minimum of Rs. 500.

How To Apply For An SBI Bank Credit Card Online

How To Apply For An SBI Card Online

So, if you’re thinking an SBI Bank credit card is for you then you might want to over to the bank’s website to apply online. During your application, your financial and credit background will be assessed. So, make sure that you have the right documents to move along your application. This includes your latest bank statement, recent payslips and utility bills.

If you want to know if you are eligible for other cards, you can use SBI’s Simplyfier. This lets you input your gross annual income and monthly expenditure. Based on the info you enter, the system will recommend a card that suits your lifestyle.

How To Contact SBI Bank

If you want to learn more about SBI Bank and their services, you can get in touch with the SBI customer care at 1860 180 1290, 1860 500 1290, 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) or 1800 180 1290. You can also mail at SBI Card, P.O. Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001.

*Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.