Learn How to Apply for a Royal Bank Credit Card

Do you want to own a credit card with no annual, balance transfer, or foreign transaction fees? By requesting a Royal Bank Credit Card, you can make purchases and travel nearly anywhere with fewer costs and low interest, too. 

Aside from making everyday purchases, you can also use the Royal Bank Credit Card for booking your tours and hotel accommodations. Since MasterCard powers this Royal Bank of Scotland credit card, you can use it for your online or in-store shopping purchases.

Continue reading to find out about more of its features and how to apply for a Royal Bank Credit Card today!

Learn How to Apply for a Royal Bank Credit Card
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Royal Bank Credit Card Features and Benefits

The Royal Bank Credit Card has no annual fee and no balance transfer fee. These features will allow you to spend more without worrying about additional costs on top of everything else you have to worry about.

If you love travelling abroad, this card is also ideal for you, as it does not charge foreign transaction fees. While other cards collect up to 3% for foreign currencies, this card does not charge you a single penny for conversion. Because of this feature, you can enjoy your holidays and business trips overseas without worrying much about your expenses. 

Being a MasterCard-powered card, you can use it in virtually any country in the world. You can swipe this card in 43 million locations all over the world.

Safety Features

This card also has advanced security features such as EMV chip and PIN encryption that ensure the safety of your transactions.

You can make purchases and depend on MasterCard‘s reliable protection.

Excited to apply for the Royal Bank Credit Card now? Check out its application process and requirements.

Eligibility and How to Apply for a Royal Bank Credit Card

Eligibility for this card is as follows – you must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident or permanent resident. You should also earn at least £10,000 annually.

You may need to present supporting documents as requested by the bank, such as proof of identification (government-issued IDs) and proof of income, such as a payslip or bank account records.

You can apply for Royal Bank Credit Card online through the Royal Bank of Scotland website by filling out the application form. The entire application can take as little as 10 minutes. But before applying, make sure you are qualified.

Once your application is approved, the Royal Bank of Scotland will give you a credit limit based on your circumstances, but the assumed credit limit is £1200. It takes around 5-7 working days to receive your card if approved.

Royal Bank Credit Card Fees & Charges

Take a look at this brief overview of some of the rates and charges you can expect with this credit card.

Note that it’s always essential to pay your credit card statement on time so you don’t negatively affect your credit score. For more details on the Royal Bank Credit Card’s specific fees and rates, visit the summary box on their website. 

  • Annual fee: £0
  • APR: Representative 9.9% APR (variable). Rates of 9.9% APR, 15.9% APR or 18.9% APR, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Cash advance and money transfer interest rates: 16.9% p.a. (variable).
  • Balance transfer interest rate: 6.9% p.a. (variable).
  • Late payment fee: £12
  • Cash handling fee: 3%
  • Returned payment fee: £10 each
  • Non-sterling transaction fee: 0%
  • Foreign cash fee: 3%
  • Over credit limit fee: £12

Royal Bank’s Address & Contact Details

Learn How to Apply for a Royal Bank Credit Card

The RBS head office address is 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 2YB.

To get in touch with the Royal Bank of Scotland, call 0370 907 0010 in the UK or +44 1268 508018 from overseas.


If you want to enjoy making big-ticket purchases locally and internationally, you can benefit from the Royal Bank Credit Card. On the downside, this card does not offer perk rewards or cash back packages, unlike most of its competitors.

However, with its low-interest rates and zero annual fees and foreign transaction fees, you can make the most of your money. 

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions for more information.