How to Apply for a Bank of the West Secured Credit Card

Looking for a credit card that doesn’t require credit history or a minimum qualifying credit score to open an account?

With a Bank of the West Secured Credit Card, this is possible because you can request a specific credit limit provided that you also give a decent deposit.  

If this type of credit card interests you, read on to learn the requirements for applying and how to apply today.

Looking for a credit card that doesn’t require credit history in opening an account? Bank of the West Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply:
Bank of the West Secured Credit Card

Benefits and Features of a Bank of the West Secured Credit Card

Bank of the West promotes financial success to its myriad of customers. The bank is after building the credit and security of its customers to achieve financial freedom. In this article, we’re going to find out about the features of the Bank of the West Secured Credit Card, as well as the requirements for applying for it.

Tired of the hefty annual fees and massive charges? The Bank of the West Secured Credit Card may be an option for you, because it only has a $25 annual fee, and you have the ability to secure a credit limit based on how much you deposit into an interest bearing savings account.

One of the assets of this credit card is the SecureSuite feature, which protects cardholders from fraud or identity theft and unauthorized transactions. It even has extended warranty protection, which benefits cardholders in terms of stretching the warranty period of items bought with the card. Hence, cardholders can save money on repairs.

For those who want to make banking easier, register with the mobile banking app to make a balance transfer, change the PIN, lock the card, and even activate the credit card easily. It’s guaranteed secure and convenient.

One of the best features of this credit card, though, is price protection, which lets cardholders refund the price difference of items bought. This is only applicable if cardholders are able to find a lower advertised price for the same item within a specified time frame. This will always be useful when merchants sell products under differing price tags.

Speaking of perks, thanks to Mastercard, you can also enjoy worldwide acceptance of your card to more than 130 countries worldwide. Get access to on-going deals and promotions to save money when booking flights, dining in restaurants, and staying at partner hotels and resorts.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the great benefits of this Bank of the West credit card, read on to find out rules of eligibility and how you can apply for one today.

How to Apply for a Bank of the West Secured Credit Card 

This credit card requires visiting a branch to apply. You will need to provide personal information, employment, and financial information. To qualify, applicants must be at least 18 years old, employed, and have a regular income stream. You can also head to the Bank of the West website to know more.

For the credit limit, note that this will depend on how much of a deposit you are willing to give. The deposit range is from $300 to $12,000. If you need a bigger limit, you can ask for assistance from a bank representative and ask about the required deposit amount needed.

Bank of the West Secured Credit Card APR & Charges 

Here is a brief overview of some of the fees and charges you can expect with this credit card. Note that you should always pay your credit card on time so you don’t badly affect your credit score. For more details on fees and rates, refer to the Bank of the West Account Opening Disclosure.

  • Annual fee: $25
  • Late payment fee: up to $38 (based on your state)
  • Balance transfer fee: $10 or 4%
  • Cash advance fee: $10 or 4%
  • Variable APR: 23.24%
  • Variable APR for balance transfers: 23.24%

Bank of the West Address & Contact Details

Address: 180 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104 USA

To get in touch with Bank of the West, call 1-800-488-2265.


Overall, the Bank of the West Secured Credit Card is a great choice if you are after a higher credit limit that you have a say in and no minimum qualifying credit score. Visit a branch near you and apply to get started building your credit score.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.