‘Fandor’ combines streaming independent films and Facebook

Last month Amazon finally delivered its own online video streaming service with which it aims to battle popular digital content provider, Netflix. The service benefits paying Amazon Prime subscribers and costs slightly less per month than the rivaling giant. Now, a new streaming service is launching with a focus on independent movies and linking viewers via Facebook.

'Fandor' combines streaming independent films and Facebook

Fandor is live today according to Home Media Magazine. The service offers over 2,500 independent films right now, with more promised in the future, for $10/month. Par for the course for anyone with Netflix or Amazon VOD, but this isn’t any old streaming movie provider.

Social networking giant Facebook is inextricably linked to Fandor, which boasts a new level of connectivity for the subscription-based streaming movie model.

According to the announcement, subscribers can post clips from movies they’ve viewed directly to their Facebook profiles for friends and family to check out. Not too surprising, considering one Fandor exec – Chris Kelly – is an ex-Facebook worker.

Kelly believes streaming movies and social networking are “a perfect fit,” arguing, “It’s hard to predict what someone will like based on past viewing habits. These fans depend on personal recommendations for taste making.”

Facebook members will be alerted to what their friends are currently watching on the service via a shared clip. New viewers can watch an entire movie free of charge, claims the company. However, this benefit is a one-time deal. For complete access to the collection of cult and independent-minded films, subscribing is the only option. Thankfully, leery consumers can sign up for a free one-month trial before they decide if the service – and ability to recommend obscure movies to their Facebook friends – is worth the $10/month fee.

Let us know if you think bridging the gap between film watching and Facebook browsing is a smart move. (Via Home Media Magazine)