Filmmakers battle with Hollywood studios over 3D movies

It’s an age-old battle between creative forces and corporate heads: Executive leaders want more of what is bringing in revenue, but that might not necessarily be what is flowing through the creative minds. That’s what is happening in the American film industry now as filmmakers face off with Hollywood producers who want to cash in as much as they can on the current 3D movie trend.

Consumers are willing to pay the premiums for tickets to 3D movies, and industry executives have discovered that a 3D film will bring in an average of 20 percent more revenue at the box office than their 2D counterparts. The financial implications have production companies pressuring filmmakers to convert all of their creations into 3D, but many aren’t eager to comply.

Filmmakers battle with Hollywood studios over 3D movies

Filmmakers seem to be weary of the additional time and expense that are associated with creating a 3D movie, and don’t believe that the extra viewing dimension adds anything of value to their creations. Here are some of the recent comments heard around the industry:

“When you put the glasses on, everything gets dim.”- J. J. Abrams, producer of Star Trek and Cloverfield

“What we’re hoping to do is to be the only horror movie coming out that is not in 3-D.” Joss Whedon, regarding his movie The Cabin in the Woods

“Westerns should only be shot on film. Use the money you save to see it twice.” – Jon Favreau regarding his disinterest in shooting in 3D for his upcoming film Cowboys & Aliens.

But it’s not just the filmmakers who are fighting the 3D trend. Some movie goers are put off by it and are trying to make their opinions heard too.

Fans who have been eagerly anticipating the release of The Hobbit have been lashing out at the idea of a 3D version of the film. “Out of 450 people surveyed, 450 don’t want 3D for ‘The Hobbit,’ ” stated a post on regarding fan opinions expressed during Comic-Con.

Despite backlash from some filmmakers and hard core fan groups, 3D negotiations over upcoming films, including The Hobbit, continue to wage on in Hollywood. At the end of the day, money drives the industry and as long as studios are benefitting financially, 3D conversion of movies will be around whether filmmakers like it or not.

The 3D experience doesn’t really make me any more eager to see a film than I ordinarily am. I’m definitely more driven by the storyline and content than the visual effects and don’t care to pay more at the box office, but I know others are really into the 3D theater experience.

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