Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

Review: Bon
3.1 (earphones with mic)
Reviewed by: Vroom
Provided by: neko.treehouse
Manufactured: hoomia

neko.treehouse kindly sent us the BON 3.1
earphones for a review. Their earphones also have a microphone, so that you can
use them with your iPhone/Blackberry or HTC phone. You can also use them as
headphones only, if you like.

Company Information

Neko.treehouse is a newly founded company
(December 2009) that aims to bring unique style, creativity and quality to your
life. The company offers a wide range of products,not only technological. For more
information you can visit their website.


Earphones specifications and Package contents

First let’s start with the specifications
of the earphones as they are displayed on the neko.treehouse website.

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones ReviewBon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review


Now we can take a look at the packaging,
and a closer look at the earphones. Let’s start with the packaging.

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

Everything is in a square box that gives
the impression of a picture frame.

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

Opening the box we will find the extra
pairs of ear pads, in two different sizes, sealed.

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones ReviewBon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

The look of the earphones is very good, and
also different compared to the average earphones.

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review

On the left earphone there is the
microphone, it has also a push button so you can directly answer your calls.

The first impression that we got from the
BON 3.1 earphones is that they are very well built. Also they look and feel
different from other earphones, and give the feeling of an accessory, and not
your typical earphones.


Living with the Bon 3.1

I am going to start with only negative that
I found on this product. If you happen to be a Samsung i5800 owner you won’t be
able to use these earphones. Not because there is something wrong with them,
but with the way that Samsung designed their phone. So I won’t be able to test
them with my Samsung. I also cannot test the microphone, because my other
phone, a Sony Ericsson C902 has a different connection, and therefore these
earphones can only be used to listen to music (or to listen to the person that
you are talking with).

I also can’t confirm the compatibility with
iPhone/Blackberry and HTC phones, but I believe that the microphone should work
without any issues.

At this point I charged my mp3 player, put
some music on it and start listening. The first thing that I liked was that
they were very comfortable, a good thing if you are going to be listening to
music for a long time.

The sound quality is also very good. Low
frequencies are solid and you don’t get that annoying (at least for me) part
when the bass is trying to punch your ear. Also high frequencies sound good,
and don’t become irritating as time goes by. If I compare them with the
earphones that Sony was giving with the mp3 player, I can say that they sound
flat and slightly quieter.



  • Very good sound quality
  • Unique design
  • They remain comfortable after long use
  • Built in microphone
  • Compatible with HTC/Blackberry and iPhone



  • You can’t use them with the Samsung i5800



Closing this preview, we have only one
negative to mention which was the incompatibility with the Samsung i5800 smart
phone. This is something that we would like to be fixed, so that it will
increase the compatibility with more smart phones.

The positives of the earphones are first of
all the level of comfort that they offer, and this is a very important thing to
have. The design of the earphones is unique and different. Sound quality is
very good.

We rate this product as Very Good, mainly
because it’s the only set of earphones that I have tested so far.

Bon 3.1 Wooden Earphones Review