Grace Digital Audio launches Pandora tabletop radio player

Grace Digital Audio has announced a new tabletop Internet radio device that features easy access to Pandora and other streaming content through a new desktop radio solution.

Using either the controls on the box, remote control, or Apple iPhone custom app, users can play songs, pause live streams, and easily rate songs through the service.

Grace Digital Audio launches Pandora tabletop radio player

The box itself isn’t the most visually appealing product to look at it, but includes solid features for Pandora music listeners looking to play music away from the PC. It features station presets, a digital alarm clock, 4-line LCD backlit display, and can play content from a PC or Mac.

Pandora remains one of the most popular online radio services, with free and subscription-based services currently available to Internet users. The company is embracing mobile audio and wants users to be able to access Pandora through a PC or notebook, smartphone, set-top boxes, and audio players.

In addition to Pandora, Grace Audio also includes access to 50,000 radio stations, NPR, CBS, BBC, iheartradio — subscribers to Sirius and similar programs can also use the new Grace Digital Audio Pandora box to access that type of content as well.

The Grace Audio GDI-IR2550P is available now with a $169.99 through Amazon, NewEgg, and select retail partners.

Grace Digital Audio is known for its growing assortment of Wi-Fi-powered audio players — and may have been beaten to the Pandora punch by Livia — but the new Grace Audio Pandora box includes additional features. As consumers look to go mobile, these types of desktop radios will be able to secure a very select group of consumers. I have portable speakers for my iPod, but to be able to stream music without losing overall functionality makes for an attractive music product.