YouTube adds in-channel merchandise store, enhanced indie artist support

YouTube has been all about the Benjamins for a while now, but some new services will help artistic uploaders cash in too. A new in-channel Merch store will help musicians reach more users and capitalize on their work announced the company this week.

YouTube adds in-channel merchandise store, enhanced indie artist support
Photo Credit: YouTube

“Fans will be able to buy artists’ merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets and even unique experiences like meetups [through the Merch store],” promises YouTube. Other companies versed in online music sales will play a vital role in the process.

Direct-to-fan marketing group Topspin, which offers professional tools for musicians to sell their songs online, will lend its merchandising experience. Ian Rogers, Topspin CEO, confirmed that current members can now apply to link their Topspin account to their YouTube channel.

Music tracker Songkick is also on-board. The service lets users follow artists, buy tickets and share concert experiences. The company has yet to issue a press statement about the deal, but YouTube insists its Merch Store will leverage Songkick specifically for concerts.

Both Amazon and Apple are being tapped for song downloads. Musicians with iTunes accounts will be able to sell their work through YouTube’s Merch store.

Additionally, YouTube is pledging greater support for indie artists who lack corporate support.

“We’ve also made a few changes to make it easier for indie labels to become YouTube partners and share revenue when their music is played, even in user generated content,” said the company. “Whether you’re the main event, the opener or jamming from your living room, we want to give you the chance to find an audience and make music your career on YouTube.”

The Merch store should be live in the coming weeks. (via TechDirt)

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