‘25% of internet users uses VPN’

About 25% of all internet users access the internet using a VPN service, according to data from research company Global Web Index. The company asked nearly 200,000 internet users in 34 countries whether they used a VPN. About a quarter of the respondents replied in the affirmative.

computer-156007_1280Especially in Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand VPN usage is high, about 40% of the internet users connects to the web through a VPN service. In Brazil, United Emirates, Turkey and Vietnam about 35% of the internet users uses a VPN.

The main reason for users in China (29%) and Indonesia and Thailand is to overcome governmental restrictions on e.g. social media. In Western European countries where VPN usage averages about 15% the main reason is privacy.

In Latin America and again also in Asia, VPNs are popular to gain access to geographically restricted content.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It adds an additional layer of security and hides the identity of the user because websites only get to see the VPN and never the actual user connecting to it. It’s often used to remain anonymous on the internet, to circumvent blockades and to get access to geographically restricted data. E.g using a VPN it is possible for a Mexican user to get access to content only available in the United States.


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