31 Android Antivirus applications tested by AV-Test – Malwarebytes dissapoints

Antivirus applications for Android detect pretty much all malware, according to a new test published by the German antivirus testers AV-Test. In total 31 different mobile virus scanners were tested with 3,000 malicious applications. The apps were discovered in the last four weeks before the test.


All virus scanners were able to detect more than 90% of all malware examples and the average detection percentage was 99.3%. Only Malwarebytes, that scored below the 91%, stands out. Fifteen scanners were able to score the maximum 100%. Besides detection of malware, the scanners were also tested for usability. For both elements it was possible to score 6 points each.

In case of usability the scanners were tested for false positives, for which AV-Test used legitimate apps from both Google Play as other app markets. Most scanners scored well on these tests, only AVG (4x), Avira (1x) and Malwarebytes (1x) reported false positives.

Also power usage, data traffic and system performance were tested. Virus scanners with additional security features like encryption, spamfilter, safe browsing,  parental control and anti theft could score an additional point. In total the scanners could earn 13 points, which 17 of the 31 scanners scored.