34% of Windows users not willing to pay for upgrade to Windows 10

A survey under 180 Windows 10 enthusiasts shows that 34% of them isn’t willing to spend any money getting a license for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. However,  the majority of users would purchase a license. About 25% of them is willing to pay up to $25, while 26% would pay up to $50.  If Microsoft would have sold Windows 10 licenses for more than $100, only 4% of the users would actually consider purchasing one.


In reality will Windows 10 be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8(.1) users. Users have a year to take advantage of the free upgrade offer after Windows 10 will become available on the 29th of July this year.

Instead of upgrading, users would stay with their current OS. The survey was conducted in the Windows 10 Google Plus Community and shows that even users with an above average interest in Windows 10 are not all willing to pay to upgrade to Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.


A lot of users have never seperately purchased a Windows license, most computers come with the operating system preinstalled. Those that purchased a retail license usually paid between $119 and $249 depending on the version of the OS.