Popcorn Time developers launch new nearly unstoppable web version of their movie streaming service

The developers of Popcorn Time have released an open source variant of their service that allows anyone to implement it on their own domain making it nearly impossible to take down. It requires a special browser plugin called Torrents Time that’s also made open source. The plugin is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and contains a torrent client that supports VPNs.maxresdefault

The new software is called Popcorn Time Online which can be installed on a web server. Users with the browser plugin are then able to visit the server running Popcorn Time Online to stream movies.

According to the developers Popcorn Time Online is hard to stop, because it no longer relies on a single point of failure. The two most popular Popcorn Time forks each ran on their own domain which made it relatively simple for anti-piracy organisations to take them down.

The Torrents Time plugin also supports Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA and the developers promise instant streaming. It’s also possible to use a VPN for additional privacy, if the plugin is used without a VPN it even warns the users for the risks.