Mozilla releases Firefox 47 with performance monitor and more HTML5 video support

The latest version of Mozilla’s browser, Firefox 47, comes with additional HTML5 video support and new developer features. Mozilla today released the stable version of version 47 of its browser which was in beta since April this year.

The new HTML5 video features include support for Google’s Widevine CDM DRM protected HTML5 video streams. Video streaming services like Amazon Video and Netflix already support this alternative to Silverlight. Another new HTML5 video feature is that the latest version of Firefox can now also play HTML5 embedded Youtube videos if Flash is not installed.




Mozilla has also added a performance monitor to Firefox that for example shows how much CPU load individual websites use. To view this information users can visit about:performance in Firefox 47.

This tab shows in real time how much load is generated by tabs and add-ons. This makes it easy to detect resource eating add-ons which can be directly disabled or uninstalled from the performance tab.

Users can get Firefox 47 through the browser’s automatic update feature or by downloading it from Mozilla website.