Co-founder of The Piratebay has to pay €350,000 in damages to record labels

Peter Sunde, co-founder of The Pirate Bay has to pay €350,000 ($392,000) in damages to record labels, a court in the Finnish capital Helsinki ruled today. The damages have to be paid to the Finish subsidiary of Sony, Universal, Warner and EMI because the torrent site illegally distributed music of these labels.


The ruling states that in total 60 artists of the record labels were affected.

Sunde left The Pirate Bay a couple of years ago but is nevertheless still sued for his involvement in the website. The former website administrator didn’t share the music himself, but the judge still holds him responsible.


The Pirate Bay is blocked in Finland after a couple of lawsuits. The founders of the website have to pay damages to multiple copyright holder after losing lawsuits a couple of times.