Algolith FLEA HDMI Digital Video Enhancer reviewed @DVD Times

While waiting for Hi Def players to become more affordable, it is possible to use upscaling products to use at best high resolution screens with contents that are not natively in Hi Definition.

An example can be found at DVD Times, that published a review of the Algolith FLEA HDMI Digital Video Enhancer. This device is able to clean digital artifacts (blocky patterns) out of compressed video sources like DVD, Digital Satellite, Cable, and Terrestrial ("Freeview") TV, improving the vision of contents on Hi Def screens.

The author’s conclusion is interesting:

All in all, I was incredibly impressed at the Flea’s ability to clean poorly encoded video up, especially 2D animated content. Live Action footage also showed noticeable improvements, although the more detailed nature obviously leaves more room for misconfiguration, so users should take care. And, although I can personally think of fewer uses for it with High Definition content, the Flea could be beneficial here too.

As usual, more scaring than impressing is the price: £835 (about €1,240 or $1,630).