Almost ready? Winamp 5 RC 666 available for download.

The German magazine PC Welt tells us on their website, that Winamp 5 is about to be released very soon. The previous release candidate RC10 was available for about a week now. The new numbering probably tells us, that this will be the last candidate before the final version is released.

The developers of Winamp have been working very hard during the last few weeks. And after many alpha, beta and RC-versions of their software, development seems to be almost finished. A hint for this is the very uncommon version number of their latest release candidate.After release candidate 10 they did not follow with 11, but with the “devilish” 666.

In version RC 666 only 3 minor bugs were fixed. Following is the list of changes:

  • Fixed potential crashbug in ml
  • AVS sscope updates, fixes
  • Modern skins: fixed SHGetSpecialFolderPath on old OSes

Changes for versions before RC 666 were removed from the changelog.

I wonder if the final version will be available this year or if we have to wait until 2004. Maybe a present for christmas.

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