Amount of LightScribe licensees dissapoints, HP starts unit to seek more

HPs salesmen have not done their job right as, according to Digitimes, HP is looking for more licensees for their LightScribe Technology. The website reports that the current amount of licensees has not met the expected amount. HP started to promote LightScribe technology in January of 2005 and has only a limit amount of burner manufacturers behind them.

HP began promoting LightScribe DVD burners in January of this year but sales have been disappointing, mainly because such burners are 15-20% more expensive than normal 16x DVD burners, the makers pointed out. The company has now spun off the unit (called LightScribe), which is now in the process of seeking more licensees.

Currently Lite-On, BenQ and CMC are the only
Taiwanese companies that support LightScribe. Discuss this in our CD and DVD
Burners Forum

Source: Digitimes