AudioID technology indentifies your audio…

Ever heard a song and didn’t know the artist? Well thanks to AudioID this is something that won’t happen again. Thomson multimedia will introduce a new audio recognition technology this quarter.

Fraunhofer’s Audio Signature Technology automatically identifies audio material through robust matching with previously registered audio content. Robust Matching is tolerant to linear distortion (level change, filtering, EQ, band limiting), non-linear distortion, including compression (mp3, MPEG-2/4, AAC, WMA, etc.) and relies on the spectral flatness properties in several frequency bands to identify the unique AudioSignature of a piece of music.

Supporting all sampling rates, the new Fraunhofer technology requires only seconds of audio to extract a Robust Match, resulting in a positive content identification. It is the only fingerprinting technology known to date based on an international standard (the recent ISO/MPEG-7 Audio standard) and large scale deployment is expected as part of future MPEG-7 databases.

Products for this new technology like digital audio devices, cell phones and your own soundcard are expected to be available during the second half of this year. It will be using MPEG-7 technology and will offer a ‘Multimedia Content Description Interface’ instead of pure compression.

Read the press release here. What do you think of this AudioID?


Source: yahoo