Backup4all 3.2 released; adds close after run option

Softland used our news submit to tell us that the data backup program, Backup4all is now updated. The purpose of this software is to allow the end-user to archive important data from their local or network drives to a physical media. You can use CD, DVD or even USB devices to store your data, even store directly to these media. In addition, the data can be compressed into a Zip64 file which supports files over 2GB. One other thing that’s kind of handy, is according to the home page, you can even backup a file that is in use by Windows.

What’s new in version 3.2:

  • Option to choose “Windows Scheduler” or “standalone scheduler” for scheduled backup jobs before “Import”
  • Import inactive schedulers” option added
  • “Close after run” option added to “Create Shortcut” when using the main application
  • “Hide Window” option added to “Create Shortcut” when using command line application
  • “Backup List” window is now resizable

Backup4all is available in three versions; Lite, Standard and Pro. For an overview of the differences in features, you may visit this page. Right now, the Standard and Pro versions appear to be selling for 25% off normal price. You can visit this page for more information and a download.

Source: Backup4all