BackupHDDVD issued a DMCA take-down notice

As Blu-ray and HD DVD are only in their early stages yet, the last thing the movie industry needed was someone to successfully hack the AACS system used on these discs, at least for now.  Unfortunately for the MPAA, as we already know, this happened with Muslix64 releasing the BackupHDDVD decryption utility.  As pretty much expected, the MPAA has gone after the utility and issued a DMCA Takedown Notice for the utility, which has also resulted in its removal from SourceForge.  Apparently, the keys backupHDDVD used to decrypt the discs were copyrighted.  What is interesting is that its HDKeys website is still up listing decryption keys, although without the BackupHDDVD utility.

While the commercial software AnyDVD HD also has the ability to decrypt HD DVD content, so far this appears to be unaffected at this time with SlySoft still selling it via its online store.