BenQ announces the CD-RW 4812P (48/12/48)

BenQ, formerly known as Acer Communications & Multimedia, is shipping their latest CD-RW drive, the CD-RW 4812P. Just two days ago the same company announced the CD-RW 4816P. This is the same drive as the CD-RW 4812P except the latter has a 12X re-writing speed. However, more importantly, both drives support 48X CAV writing making them the fastest drives available today:

BenQ announces the CD-RW 4812P (48/12/48)The first 48x CD-Rewriter, BenQ uses it’s Seamless Link technology to pioneer a drive that burns through a CD at 7.2mb/sec. With an enhanced Anti-Vibration and audio playback system, the 4812P has what it takes to meet the demands of any mission critical application – at work or at play.

BenQ announces the CD-RW 4812P (48/12/48)

Key Features:

  • 48X Writing, 12X Rewriting, 48X Reading

  • Seamless Link technology!

  • 2Mb buffer size

  • Flash memory/upgrade system

  • E-IDE/ATAPI interface

  • Anti-Vibration system

  • Play/Skip function button on the front panel

  • Emergency eject

  • Dust protection design

  • Power-saving function

  • Recording software – Ahead Nero

  • Compatible with Windows 2000/95/98/NT 4/ME/XP

The BenQ CD-RW 4812P ships immediately with an MSRP of $159. Credits go to for spotting this news on the BenQ website.

Source: BenQ Inc.