Bleemcast: PSX-emu for Dreamcast is out

Submitted by: HK-EXPORT.COM


BLEEMCAST ; the PSX emulator for DC has been RELEASED!]

This great new emulator plays all PSX titles right now at full speed on Sega DC!

The Bleemcast software is only available in Japan right now but will be coming to America and Europe very soon.

It allos PSX gfames to be played with many new advantages:

‘¢Smooth Mip-mapped Graphics

‘¢Faster frame Rate

‘¢640 X 480 Frame Rate

‘¢Enhanced Sounds

This new emulator has caused Sony a lot of problems as it outperforms the internal hardware on Sonys PS2 machine. Sony are apparantly taking its makers, BLEEM, to court once again for infringing “Intellectual Copyrights”. This is due to the fact the emulator makes use of a copied BIOS file that has been reversed engineered. This would normally stop sony from being able to sucessfully take them to court, but the developers left a little bit of Sonys copyrighted BIOS code in.

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