CD Freaks presents Waitec MEGALUS (24/10/40) review

Yes, we’ve wrapped up another review. This time the Waitec MEGALUS has been reviewed, a 24x writer:

CD Freaks presents Waitec MEGALUS (24/10/40) review24x recorders aren’t that uncommon anymore and in fact most brands are already releasing a 32x model or are even planning to release a 40x model. But still a 24x drive is nice to have. Most people will however only know the top brand models like the Plextor PX-W2410A and the Lite-On 24102B. But, since we already reviewed these drives we thought we would take a look at a different brand named Waitec. Their 24x recorder is called the Waitec MEGALUS (24/10/40). In this review we will take a look at the drive’s performance and how it compares to the mentioned Plextor and Lite-On recorders.

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