CD Freaks, the power of United Burners Team…

CD Freaks, the power of United Burners completed 72,726 blocks yesterday, and was ranked #73 for that day! Yesterday 3 more people joined our team, so we now have 269 members.

We need more members! Perhaps it’s hard to install the client and to find the correct settings. I know the client sux and is not very userfriendly… Redfox promised us to make a good tuturial, howto or even better a complete installation package (for dialup and cable users) so it’s gonna be easier to install it! Stay tuned for that..

For now the stats:

Current Rank: 354
Total blocks to search: 68,719,476,736
Total blocks checked: 8,536,578
Days working: 1,094
Overall Rate: 24,243.35 kkeys/second

And the top10:

Rank Participant First Last Yesterday %
1 Kodo 23-Mar-2001 5-Apr-2001 7,863 10.81
2 20-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 4,388 6.03
3 25-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 4,182 5.75
4 28-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 3,723 5.12
5 20-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 3,553 4.89
6 17-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 3,310 4.55
7 Golem@CDR 5-Jan-2001 5-Apr-2001 2,841 3.91
8 CiBi 4-Jun-2000 5-Apr-2001 2,566 3.53
9 19-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 2,561 3.52
10 |snp| 22-Feb-2001 5-Apr-2001 2,558 3.52

As you can see we have huge flushes (above 2000 blocks a user). And (besides CiBi) all the users joined our team this year, although we are already running over 2 years now.

One person I miss is Redneck, our Moderator on the Dutch General Chat. He is a member since 4 june 2000 and is ranked #15 in the CD Freaks overall team. His last flush for CD Freaks was on 25 Feb 2001. But after that his blocks submission keeps counting… Redneck are you flushing for another team??

Keep flushing, thank you all!

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