CDFreaks presents the new top 5 optical drives (April 2008)

Our Administrator Dee-27 published today the following news:

Samsung SH-S203B chosen as number 1 digital storage device
‘CD Freaks Members choice’ indicates the hottest digital storage devices on the market

The Samsung SH-S203B has been chosen as the number 1 drive in the digital storage market. This is according to the visitors of CD, the world’s largest digital storage community. After a rigorous nomination process, the 40 most popular nominees were selected and put forward for voting by the members of CD Freaks. A list of the five best digital storage devices for the third quarter is now available and gives advice for the best quality drives on the market.

The complete list of five drives according to the members of the CD Freaks community:

[1] Samsung SH-S203B – A worthy winner, Winning the coveted CD Freaks “Editor’s Choice Award” the Samsung SH-S203B has been breaking all speed records when writing to DVD recordable media and is the world’s first writer capable of writing DVD+R DL media at 16x. Writing quality is very good on all media groups and the SH-S203B offers excellent and reliable reading performance. The drive has also become a firm favourite with CD Freaks’ members, winning this award twice in a row.

[2] Pioneer DVR-215 – A strong runner up, the DVR-215 is a class act.  The DVR-215 is a fast 20x DVD burner and has very good writing quality on all supported media types. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the performance and quality of this drive.

[3] Pioneer DVR-115D – A strong third place. Winner of our CD Freaks “Safe Buy” award, the DVR-115D is a strong performer, with very good writing quality and fast writing performance.

[4] Optiarc AD-7200A – Forth in line of the member’s choice and winner of the CD Freaks “Editor’s Choice Award” This drive offers blistering performance and outstanding writing quality across all media groups. The AD-7200A also has an impressive feature set. A “must have” drive.

[5] Pioneer DVR-115 – Voted 5th place by our member’s. The DVR-115 sports 20x DVD R writing speed and impressive writing quality. The DVR-115 also offers a very good feature set.