CMC Magnetics’ CD-R production in China fares well

On the DigiTimes website GristyMcFisty spotted an article in which we can read that CD-R (and DVDR) manufacturer CMC Magnetics is doing well in China. Currently, CMC
Magnetics is already the largest maker of optical storage discs in Taiwan. The company’s monthly production capacity is no less than 170 million CD-R discs:

CMC Magnetics established a joint venture manufacturer of CD-Rs, Fortune (Jiangsu) Multimedia, in Gangzha Economic Development Zone located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, in late 2001. Beginning in September 2002, the joint venture’s production is for OEM export and domestic sales via China’s main distributors such as Legend and Founder.

The joint venture has been running smoothly and became profitable in its first year of operation, Wong pointed out. Its monthly capacity has increased from 10 million CD-Rs initially to 30 million discs at present, Wong added.

Based on the current market climate, the joint venture may extend its production to DVD-Rs using its own funds and technological assistance offered by CMC Magnetics, Wong pointed out. The joint venture will eventually be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Wong added.

Source: DigiTimes