CUE sheet burning… which burn program?

I saw on CDR-Info the following:

The guys from CDRCue Cuesheet Editor (a prog for creating .cue files in a graphical way) have done a comparison of FireBurner, Nero, CDRWin and EAC in terms of .cue compatibility.

Once you’ve crafted your cuesheet using CDRCue Cuesheet Editor, you want to burn a CD. Which CD-R Mastering Program do you pick? There are several to choose from, but they are not created equal. We review recent versions of CDRWIN, EAC, Nero, and FireBurner and reveal which cuesheet commands each can handle, and more interestingly, which ones they can’t!

Many programs just recently added support for cuesheets. The results are impressive. It says eg. that Nero can’t do .cue sheets with mp3 files. It runs out of I/O file handles immediately after starting the burn.

If you work with CUE sheets you must visit this page. Also if you would like to know how CUE sheets work with CDRWIN, EAC, Nero, and FireBurner you can check the site. Their top3: EAC, Nero, CDRWin. Go to

Source: Dcsoft