Clone CD v2.0.3.2 update

Submitted by: The Rock – Source:

And again a new version of CloneCD. This time there are more new features then the last time: New features: Added option to use Drive Letter Identification instead of driver names (Windows 2000 only) Added command line options, so other programs like “Copy Protection Detection” can pass settings to CloneCD Compatibility fixes: Changed message “Device … can’t read 96 bytes SubChannel Data” from info to warning in the Log. Using devices which can’t read 96 bytes SubChannel Data are not recommended for use with CloneCD. Added command line option /WINASPI to force CloneCD to run in WinASPI32 compatibility mode Bug fixes: Fixed possible crash, if a removable drive (e.g. Iomega ZIP) is present AutoInsertNotification sheet had bogus device IDs, if WinASPI32 modus was not used (Windows 95/98 only)