ClonyXXL v2.0.0.3 preview (dated for 20-Mar-2002)

On the German ClonyXXL homepage you can find a screenshot of the planned release of version

ClonyXXL v2.0.0.3 preview (dated for 20-Mar-2002)Translated from German with BabelFish:

  • Search for SecuROM *new* on CD and test CD (doesn’t have SecuROM *new* but many .EXE-files) accelerated from 3 min to 12 seconds.

  • SafeDisc v2.51.x recognition from CD.

  • Small tool when starting of CloneCD the adjustments are displayed and Clony can in each case be closed.

  • Adaptec’s ASPI Layer 4,7,0,0 are now fully supported.

  • Transfer that of the reading drive under Win2000 / XP again activates and improves.

  • XP Design is supported.

  • DVDs are recognised (films and games).

  • English version in progress

ClonyXXL v2.0.0.3 preview (dated for 20-Mar-2002)

As you can see in above screenshot the new ClonyXXL version can now identify the new SafeDisc v2.51.xx on a disc… Interesting! ClonyXXL v2.0.0.3 preview (dated for 20-Mar-2002)

The release date of this new version is planned for March 20th.

Source: ClonyXXL Homepage