Confirmed and fixed: Knights of Honor game removes DAEMON Tools DLL

Earlier we reported that the game Knights of Honor removes a DAEMON Tools DLL file. Website BluesNews picked up the story and got in touch with game developer SUNFLOWERS which responded by way of Uwe Mathon, Localisation Manager. The simple response was: Knights of Honor does not delete any DLLs. This is caused by Daemon-Tools itself, if it is running while being unlocked.” However it seems that the company responded too soon and inaccurate as the forums of the company currently report something complete different:

SUNFLOWERS statement:

By starting Knights of Honor the copy protection checks for CD-emulation-programs such as “Daemon-Tools”.
Due to a bug in the checker-routine the file “daemon.dll” is renamed to “daemon.bak”, if it has been locked by the user, which it is not by default.

This is a known issue and will be fixed in the upcoming patch. To have “Daemon-Tools” working again, the file “daemon.bak” has to be renamed back to “daemon.dll”, which is located on the harddrive in the main directory of Windows (e.g. C:Windows).

Unfortunately the topic does not say anything about the problem with forcing you to uninstall the Patin Couffin drivers as used by CopyToDVD and BlindWrite . More information on the entire issue can be found in this forum thread.

Source: CD Freaks