DVD Shrink software updated again, fixes a video bug

Uncle Bulgaria and d42 both used our news submit to tell us
that another new version of the freeware DVD transcoding software DVD Shrink has
been released. Although the author of the software
announced some days ago that the
software would not be developed anymore, he would still fix any bugs that might
appear. The author has kept his word as version 3.1.2 has been released which fixes a possible video corruption bug:

DVD Shrink v3.1.2:

  • Fixed possible corruption
    of output video when low compression applied at a scene change. This may
    have caused pixelation or intermittent freezing.

  • Some changes to support
    unicode build for Japanese
This latest DVD Shrink version can be downloaded via www.dvdshrink.info. You are of
course welcome to discuss this latest release in our Transcoding Software Forum on Club CD Freaks.

Source: DVD Shrink.info