Deepburner is available-adds Russian language support

Conductor used our news submit to let us know that this freeware burning app from Astonsoft has been updated. For those that don’t know about this program here are some details. DeepBurner allows you to burn any type of CDs or DVDs. Back up your data, create video or photo archives, record audio and mp3 CDs.

Full features list:

  • Ability to create and burn audio, data, and bootable CDs
  • Ability to create and burn DVDs
  • Buffer underrun technology “Burn-Proof”*
  • Overburning*
  • MS Explorer-type file browser
  • CD/DVD capacity visual meter
  • Dynamically adjustable drive buffer size
  • Creation of multi-session CDs
  • Works with all IDE (Atapi), SCSI, USB and FireWare CDR/W DVD/RAM drives

    *If supported by the drive  

Changes in Version

  • Added: if writing a CD-RW and there’s not enough space for new compilation, DeepBurner automatically determines that and offers to erase the existing data prior recording a new one
  • Added: Russian interface
  • Improved: more precise language file

Those that are interested in updating or trying this program out, may visit the Astonsoft website. Feel free to share your results in our Recording Software Forum.

Thanks Conductor!

Source: Astonsoft