Denon unveils its high-end Blu-ray player

Denon Electronics, a company that specialises in high end home entertainment products, has announced its upcoming flagship Blu-ray player, the DVD-3800BDCI.  This player is the world’s first to feature the new BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1 and also features a 10-bit Silicon Optic Realta chipset, a well acclaimed for its upscaling capabilities.  Its audio capabilities include High Definition audio decoding and DDSC-HD audio output. 

Those interested in getting their hands on this will need deep pockets, as the suggested retail price for this player is $1,999, making it the most expensive Blu-ray player to launch in the US.  On the other hand, despite being a high end player, it does lack an Ethernet connection, which means that the player cannot be hooked up directly to a network or to the Internet.  However, to allow access to bonus online features for Blu-ray discs, these can be downloaded using a PC, transferred to an SD card and then accessed on the player by loading the SD card into the player’s front SD slot. 

Further information can be found in this Gizmodo press release and in this Audioholics article.  Thanks to GristyMcFisty for letting us know about this news.