DirecTV sues Imus contributor for alleged piracy

On Yahoo we can read that you have to be carefull what you say and write if you are on public radio or television in the United States.

The host of a sports program in New York found this out after mentioning that DirectTV could be received by using a hacked access card in a comic radio show:

DirecTV sues Imus contributor for alleged piracy

On the nationally syndicated comic radio talk show “Imus In The Morning,” Sid Rosenberg, a regular contributor to the show and host of his own sports radio show on WFAN in New York, allegedly said on March 11, “You don’t have to pay DirecTV if you get the card zapped.”

“Well, that’s dishonest,” host Don Imus responded.

Executives at DirecTV weren’t laughing. They’re suing Rosenberg for violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (news – web sites) and the Federal Communications Act.

Each DirecTV system comes with an access card that needs to be activated through the company in order to receive programming. But some hackers have been able to modify the card to gain access to the service without paying DirecTV.

Anyone who buys, owns or uses of signal theft equipment to gain unauthorized access to DirecTV programming is subject to damages of up to $10,000 per violation, plus possible punitive damages, the company said.

“With this lawsuit we are sending Mr. Rosenberg a very clear message: using an illegally modified access card to receive DirecTV programming is stealing and it violates federal law,” said Larry Rissler, DirecTV’s vice president of signal integrity.

Of course it’s pretty stupid of this guy to mention this on the radio. On the other he did not mention where to get it and how to do it. What if he had said you can steal cars, would the car industry sue him for that ?