DvdReMake 3.5.2 and DvdReMake Pro 3.5.2 are released

has let us know there is a newer version of their DVD editing tool out. This
simple to use editor is used to improve the quality and
appearance of your DVD backups by letting even a novice remove unwanted
information from the file and thereby reducing the size. With enough tweaking,
you may be able to fit a movie backup on a single DVD with no compression.

new in this version:
(items marked with (P) are applicable only
to the Pro version):

  • mod (P) – allow set still time for hidden cells

  • mod – check all vobus in menu cells for buttons (independent from
    BOV search settings)

Bug fixes:

  • export is canceled without error message pop-up if there is an
    erroneous info in VMG titles table

  • import of cells with multiple button sets

  • time search is disabled for long titles (error

Those of you that are needing this upgrade can go here to find the
latest download.
 If you are interested in learning more about this
program, then head on over to the DimadSoft website.

Source: Dimadsoft