EFF to defend Californian from wrongly filed RIAA complaint

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the RIAA may be barking up the wrong tree again. Read on.

EFF today announced that it will defend Ross Plank of Playa Del Rey, California, against a wrongly filed complaint, among the 261 copyright infringement lawsuits the recording industry has filed against individuals.

The federal lawsuit filed against Plank in Los Angeles accuses him of making hundreds of Latin songs available using KaZaA filesharing software earlier this summer. Plank does not speak Spanish and does not listen to Latin music. More importantly, his computer did not even have KaZaA installed during the period when the investigation occurred.

EFF has offered to accept service of the complaint on Plank’s behalf, the first step to defending the lawsuit.

Plank is a website consultant who operates his business, Sitenurturing.com, from his home. “I need my computer and Internet connection to run my business,” said Plank. “I shouldn’t have to feel my business and future are at risk because the RIAA has somehow linked my name to a set of Latin songs.”

This is
not the first time there has been a posibility of an errror in one of these suits, there was also the 66 year old sculptor that was running a Mac, therefore she could not have used Windows based Kazaa to download. In that case the RIAA backed down, although they were giving the woman the benefit of the doubt and pledged to continue the investigation. Perhaps we will see that there is enough chance of errors in this RIAA legal inquisition, to put a stop to this practice of harvesting IP addresses and serving subpoenas revealing private individuals identities.

Source: eff.org