Easy CD-DA Creator v5.1 build 4 has been released, with AAC support

You might have already noticed that we are
currently promoting Easy CD-DA Extractor from Poikosoft. This software is designed
to rip audio CDs and works well in bypassing protections on audio CDs to allow
you to create a backup. It includes also the possibility to convert your CD
tracks to compresses audio formats such as MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis,
Windows Media and since recently the more advanced formats  MPEG4-AAC,

Besides ripping your (copy protected) CDs, the software
is also able to convert music files from E.g MP3 to WMA, WMA to Ogg Vorbis etc.
And finally it has also the ability to burn your files to a CD-R(W). Version 5.1
build 4 has been released and the following are the changes:

CD-DA Creator v5.1 build 4

  • Added priority control (you can adjust the
    program priority so that it can run smoother in the background or boost
    the performance)

  • Added LAME MP3 presets to output formats

  • Added support for Ahead ASPI driver
  • BUGFIX: Easy Audio File Encoder ID3 tag
    transferring fixed (now transfers ID3 tags from APE, OGG, and WMA files to
    output files correctly)

  • BUGFIX: A small bugfix in the function that
    is used to detect copy-protected disc

  • If you now download Easy CD-DA Creator trough our website
    you will also receive the MPEG-4/AAC and the MPEG-2/AAC plugins. You can
    download this special version here. Of course you can also visit the website of Poikosoft directly for more

    Source: Poikosoft