Freeware DeepBurner now handles all bitrates of audio files

jellybelly used our news submit to tell us about the
latest release of the freeware DeepBurner from Astonsoft. Here’s a blurb
from the website: New release of DeepBurner introduces absolutely new, rewritten
from the scratch mechanism for recording AudioCDs. It became more informative,
faster, better, and easier to use.

Aug. 16, 2004 – Version

  • Added: hard disk drives free space check
  • Added: adding files into the disk image progress

  • Improved: support of existing audio formats

  • Improved: information about audio tracks
  • Improved: audio files are now being decoded prior
    burning not while adding tracks

  • Improved: audio files with all bitrates are now

  • Improved: e-mail to support now has the log file
    automatically attached

  • Improved: interface
  • Fixed: couple of known bugs with detection of
    certain DVD and CD writers

Thanks jellybelly for the news. Those on a
budget that need a good freeware burning program, maybe this is what you are
looking for. If you would like to read more about it and view some
screenshots, head on
over to the Astonsoft website.
Or, if you just want to check it
out, here is the download link to the 2.7 meg

Source: Astonsoft