GameCube backup possibility on its way, first ISO posted on web

A game release group has posted
ISO files of GameCube games. The group naming itself “StarCube” has not yet
released playable games, but this should be first step in finding a possibility
to play games distributed over the internet. The ISO files seem for now only to
be available on private FTP sites. GameCube discs are the size of a 8 cm DVD-R
and can contain over a Gigabye of data.

Here is
an excerpt from the group’s information file on the release: “No, you wont
be able to play this game on your GC, at least for now. But we thought
software and hardware hackers would be interested in a GC release for
various reasons, so here it is. For this first one, we decided to give you
a pure disc dump. But on a GC disc, all the space that’s not used is
filled with random garbage, which is bad for compression. Any upcoming
release from us will have that garbage removed. Coders can have a look at
the /maps directory, which contains symbols information, pretty useful for
reverse engineering. (Many games have such map