Great burning program


Our Affiliate DivideZero writes about a new program:

“I have created a powerful program to read unreadable tracks. It can copy CD’s into a HD-file (like Blindread). This program has successfully backed up the following games:

– Flight Simulator 2000

– Office 2000

– Midtown Madness

– Windows 2000 Professional

– Expandable

– Motocross Madness

– Age of Empires 2

– Revolt

– Sega Rally Play And Setup Disk

– Half Life

– Colin McRae Rally

– Others…….


For now this program is only compatible with PC-format CD’s, it might encounter problems during PSX-CD read. But, where Blindread (v2.3 and v3.0) failed to copy Rally Championship, this program succeeded! This program is available at the utils section, or direct download it here. You can visit the author’s page here. If you have successfully copied a game with this util, please let me know at this address”