HELIOS X-Line of HD Network Media Players now locally in EU

HELIOS X-Line of HD Network Media Players now locally available in EU

Hong Kong ‘“ Thursday, September 14, 2006 ‘“ NeoDigits, leading provider of network media solutions to the digital home entertainment market, today announced that their HELIOS X-Line of Network Media Players are now locally available in Europe.

With players coming from key-location warehouses all over the UK, European customers are guaranteed speedier and safer delivery at a better price. The X3000 and the X5000 are retailing at US$ 379 and US$ 579 respectively, and will be available for purchase directly from NeoDigits at www.neodigits.com.

The HELIOS X-Line of Network Media Players brings you a whole new way of managing, accessing and enjoying the myriad of digital media you’ve amassed throughout the years.

While both the HELIOS X3000 and the X5000 have the same features and functionality; the X5000 is created for the absolute audiophile with its first-class performance, design and build-quality, not to mention exceptionally rich and further enhanced 2-channel audio quality

Let your PC store your massive collection of movies, music and photos; the X-Line lets your enjoy them in your home theater in as high as 1080p resolution! With the X-Line’s NeoLink Server Software, you can easily manage your digital media in your computer and access them straight on your television via wired or wireless LAN.

Now you can access Internet media content on your high-definition television. Through the X-Line’s HELIOS Media Portal, you can access pre-set links to online media content such as Internet radio, Internet television, broadcast Internet news, Podcasts, and RSS Feeds on your high-definition television ‘“ wired or wirelessly, without having to turn on your computer. The X-Line also shares bookmarks and favorites with any PC running NeoLink so you can access your own selection of online media sites in your home theater.

Share and access digital media in a new and effortless way. A hub to bring all your digital media devices together, the X-Line’s LAN, WiFI or USB ports let you connect your digital cameras, portable music players, external hard drives and more to your television.

Using LAN or WiFI, connect your television to any or all PCs running the NeoLink Server Software; and create your own digital home entertainment network between your bedroom, living room, office, den and so on. The X-Line also lets you take advantage of the massive and growing virtual digital media library. So now you can easily access movies, music, photos and online media content stored in multiple PCs ‘“ no matter where they are in your home ‘“ straight on your home theater.

To further improve customer experience, NeoDigits’ Automatic Online Update is now live for X-Line users to easily and instantly upgrade their players with the latest available features.

The X-Line supports just about every major media and encoding format available. The NeoLink Server software is also compatible with Apple iTunes, Real Rhapsody and Napster, supports Windows Media/WinAMP playlists, and does real time transcoding for Real player (RMVB) and 3GPP formats. The X-Line now also supports FLAC and Nero Digital.

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Source: NeoDigits