HP hands optical drives to Lite-On

D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us that HP has just signed
a contract with LiteON to let it produce DVD burners under the HP name. The
first product from the business deal is the HP-DVD840i which is a Lightscribe

The most intriguing thing
about this deal is that HP seems to be pawning off their business interests in
the optical market. This may be a good move for HP and even better deal for
LiteON which gets to sell its drives under the HP name.

Hp LOGO HP JUST DID SOMETHING interesting, it signed up Lite-On to produce DVD burners with the HP name. The first product, the slides-off-the-tongue HPDVD840i is a LightScribe DVD +/-/RAM based DL drive with all the bells and whistles.

LiteON logoThe
interesting bit is not the drive itself, but the fact that HP looks to be
pawning off their business in this area. What was once a thriving market
has now become a commodity, and HP under Hurd is trying to clean up things
like that. This may be a very good move for HP, and a very good brand for
Lite-On. We don”t see a down side here.


Source: The Inquirer